Kris Luyten
Kris Luyten
Kris Luyten

Kris Luyten


Licentiate in Law – University of Antwerp (UIA) (2000)

Master of Laws in International and European Law - VUB Brussel (2001)

Practicing as a lawyer since 2001 

Lawyer with HBSV since 2001

Partner in HBSV since 2012

Specialist fields

Maritime law and port-related matters

Administrative supervision (since 01/09/2014 – regular appointments)


Commercial law

Civil law (general)

Contract law

Memberships / seminars

Has lectured on a host of subjects at APEC (the Antwerp/Flanders Port Training Centre) since 2011

Attended a range of international maritime law conferences, including conferences held in Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian (China) and Lisbon

Member of the BVZ (the Belgian Maritime Law Association)


Liber Amicorum Ponnet (publication due)