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About us

HBSV Advocaten is located in the very heart of Antwerp in Jordaenskaai, where during the Middle Ages the Vierschaer stood, a square made up of four benches where justice was administered.

HBSV Advocaten has been active since 1973 and is a full-service law firm that advises and provides legal and other support to:

  • companies active in trade, industry, the maritime sector, transport, export, the construction industry, property, insurance, traffic and other areas,
  • and individuals.

Our lawyers are specialists in their field, with both the required theoretical knowledge and the necessary practical experience to represent companies and individuals alike and to advise them on legal and other matters in a proactive, pragmatic and transparent manner, with the interests of the client always the central point of focus.

While our core business can be found in Antwerp, we represent both Belgian and other clients in national and international disputes, whether in an advisory capacity or for the purpose of providing support in negotiations, court proceedings, mediation and arbitration.

HBSV Advocaten has an extensive network of international correspondents at its disposal, with a special focus on the People's Republic of China, where we work hand-in-hand with a leading law firm.